Why Fentanyl Sucks

Fentanyl 100mcg/hr Patches

So I happened to come into two 100mcg/h patches. I was quite happy when I found out that I could get them right at the start of the weekend. Sounded like it was going to be a good weekend. I’ve tried Fentanyl on a few occasions: 400mcg lollipops and a 12mcg/hr patch cut up and taken buccally. My memory doesn’t serve me very well as far as the effects of this substance are concerned. I couldn’t exactly remember how well it got me off. Well, if I would have had the memories of my first time trying the 400mcg lollipops, I wouldn’t have blown any cash on these. It’s been years since I had those lollipops, but I do remember asking myself “So when do I get high?” That’s one of the many problems seen with abusing Fentanyl, and it makes this a drug that must be taken with extreme caution and respect. These aren’t your mom’s Vicodin you found in the cabinet.

Fentanyl, for me at least, produces very little of a “traditional” opioid high at all. Being that Fentanyl is roughly 80-100 times more potent than morphine, and that it has a very fast action, I was expecting a nice happy nod when I tried it the other night when I put on a patch. I was wrong, turns out the patches can take up to 24hours to work for some people. This brings us to the second problem, specifically with these Watson brand patches. The patches consist of an adhesive side, and a reservoir of the back side. Inside this clear reservoir is a gel. Technically it’s Fentanyl and alcohol, probably with some sort of thickening agent (glycol?). Either way, whoever designed these patches definitely wasn’t thinking about the fact that they were putting an extremely addictive and powerful opioid into what essentially amounts to a band-aid with a sack of Fentanyl hanging off it. In fact, lots of these types of patches have been voluntarily recalled by the manufacturers in previous years. People who used them as they were prescribed have ended up overdosing. Others OD’ed by unknowingly exposing the patch to heat (apparently a big no-no) like an electric blanket and sped up the transdermal absorption, causing extreme respiratory depression and death.

Aside from people who use their pain medications responsibly, there is also the recreational opioid user who will abuse or buy diverted prescriptions. When someone like me sees a big sack of Fentanyl I do what is in my nature as an addict. Abuse the fuck out of it like a power drunk priest with an alter boy. This is done quiet easily, but instead of transferring perishes when playing around with a Fentanyl sack you’ll most likely just perish, period. It is however, very easy to get into the Fentanyl reservoir, all I needed was an exact-o-knife and five seconds. After extracting a small, and I cannot stress enough small, piece of gel onto tinfoil I hit the bottom with a lighter and inhaled the vapors. Minor rush along with slight head change observed. Nothing like I would expect from chasing an extremely potent opioid. I did this several times without success. I decided to stop for a bit and wait, because another downfall of Fentanyl is that it creeps up on you. Times I’ve eaten patches before (not this brand or strength) I remember the high hitting me all of a sudden and getting a drowsy nod. Not good at all. That sneak up is what can get you thinking you haven’t done as much as you really did.

Lastly, the lack of any sort of “real” opioid high is a big let down with this drug. Oxycodone, for example, produces a warm content feeling with intense euphoria. When I nod off on OC’s, I get taken to the place that inspired the name of this blog. Fentanyl is more likely to just knock you the fuck over. Other opioids give you that feeling of contentment, like they’re wrapping you up in big blanket. Fentanyl is more like getting pistol whipped in the back of the skull and then kissing the cold concrete of a parking garage floor. As someone once put it “Fentanyl has no soul.” Which is true, and I believe that probably has something to do with the fact that Fent is a pure synthetic. It’s not derived from poppies, or an alkaloid in the poppy. It’s man’s own work, which if it worked would be great, but it doesn’t live up to it’s expectations.

So, why does Fentanyl suck?

  • Doses in micrograms mean “eyeballing” can easily turn into overdose
  • Sometimes even using it the proper way can leave you in a coffin
  • No soul, Fent is a cold ass rape compared to Oxycodone, or any other semi-synthetic/natural opioid
  • Sneaks up, can leave you out for the count without you realizing it
  • Short duration

If I’m in a bind, fine, I’ll take some Fentanyl. But I’ll be wishing the whole time it was something better.

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